We had an unpleasant experience with our (now ex) new employee. Let’s call her Ms. N. She was assigned as account executive. It was all started on 7th September 2020, her very first day at our office. She requested to work from home because she was having a typhus. Trusting her, we allowed her to […]

Culinary Review: Accha Indian Soul Food Jakarta

I have a new favorite GrabFood restaurant in Jakarta, which is Accha Indian Soul Food. https://food.grab.com/id/en/restaurant/accha-indian-soul-food-pela-mampang-delivery/6-CZAZRRLTNTBXJX Most of the time I ordered Vegetable Biryani Bowl. The food is delicious and the serving is huge. I usually split the portion in half, half for lunch and half for dinner. I think we will be stuffed if […]

Healthy Habit to Reduce Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

I have had allergies since I was in elementary school. The allergies cause nasal congestion because my nasal passages are swollen. A THT doctor in Bandung told me that the congestion could be tolerated therefore I didn’t need surgery. He advised me to develop some habits to maintain my condition such as bathing with cold […]

Grab and Gojek in Indonesia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Grab and Go-jek as two dominant online transportation applications in Indonesia have been forced to change their operations several times during COVID-19 pandemic. There were times when motorcycle or ‘ojol’ were forbidden and car passengers were limited in cities where PSBB was imposed. A few days ago I was surprised that Go Ride was shown […]

Learning English

I have been trying to improve my English, it is one of my 2020 new year resolutions. I consider my reading and vocabulary adequate, but my grammar and speaking still need to be improved. I have decided to upgrade my grammar first. I started with Duolingo. Duolingo is fun but doesn’t provide explanation about the […]