GnuCash Free Accounting Software Review

GnuCash is a free financial-accounting software. Our company has been using the software in the last 5 years. We found the software somewhere on Google when we were looking for free accounting software at the time. GnuCash is easy to use and suitable for small businesses. Currently we use GnuCash mostly for book keeping. We […]

Virtual ITB Ultra Marathon 2020

Yesterday I participated in virtual ITB Ultra Marathon. This was their first virtual run happened due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. The event announcement was abrupt, but our team managed to register 7 groups. Our team, CodeRunner, consists of Informatics Engineering alumni from ITB. I have joined this team since about 2 years ago. If you […]

My Longest Busway Trip in Jakarta

Some people said that we should regularly to keep our writing intuition sharp. I will write a not-so-important post about my trip using the TransJakarta busway yesterday. By the way, I really like using public transportation. Despite all its limitation, I consider Jakarta as the city with the best public transportation in Indonesia. It’s still […]