Healthy Habit to Reduce Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

I have had allergies since I was in elementary school. The allergies cause nasal congestion because my nasal passages are swollen. A THT doctor in Bandung told me that the congestion could be tolerated therefore I didn’t need surgery. He advised me to develop some habits to maintain my condition such as bathing with cold water and doing exercises. I had not had any allergic treatment since then, until last year when the symptoms got worse.

Last year I experienced a severe headache that occurred after I stood up even just for a few minutes. I consulted with several THT doctors in Jakarta and Bandung. It turned out that the headache was caused by lack of oxygen in my brain due to nasal congestion. Can you guess what causes the nasal congestion? Yes, it is my allergies, or rather allergic rhinitis, as explained by the doctor.

These are the things that trigger my allergies: dust and mites, cockroach, cat hair, and shrimp. The doctor told me that allergic rhinitis cannot be cured, so I must avoid the allergens.

The most challenging allergens for me are dust and mites. I have a confession that I am not exactly an immaculate person. I am developing a new and cleaner habits.

1. Change bed sheets every two weeks

2. Clean my room every week

3. Purchase air purifier. Actually it was a birthday gift from my family.

Despite these new habits, I still occasionally experience nasal congestion during sleep, waking me up because I can’t breathe. I still use decongestant nasal sprays in smaller doses and lower frequencies.

My latest attempt was a UV vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the bed. I have ordered the vacuum cleaner, it will arrive in a day or two.

Do you also experience allergic rhinitis? What have you done? Please share in the comments.

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