My Longest Busway Trip in Jakarta

Some people said that we should regularly to keep our writing intuition sharp. I will write a not-so-important post about my trip using the TransJakarta busway yesterday. By the way, I really like using public transportation.

Despite all its limitation, I consider Jakarta as the city with the best public transportation in Indonesia. It’s still not fully integrated, sometimes it’s unpredictable, yet it’s still way better than other cities I’ve been to.

Yesterday I had my longest trip using TransJakarta. I went from Yos Sudarso to Kemang Village, it’s north to south Jakarta. My guide was Google Map.

I started my journey from Pertamina Plumpang station. I took bus number 10 to Pemuda Pramuka. Google Map told me to continue with bus number 4C which will stop at Senayan, then I can continue my journey using the MRT. Unfortunately an officer informed me that the 4C bus started operating at 15.00. Therefore I took bus number 4 to Tosari station. From Tosari station I hopped to bus number 1 to Senayan. From Senayan I took MRT to Blok A station, then continue my journey using ojol to Kemang Village.

To summarize my journey, I took 3 buses, 1 MRT, and 1 ojol riding until I arrived at Kemang Village. Traveling time was 1.5 hours, and I was lucky to wait only a few minutes before each bus arrived.

I’ve suggestions for TransJakarta:

  1. Better air conditioning in the bus station
  2. Coordinate with Google Map for more precise operating hours

What do you think of public transportation in Jakarta, especially TransJakarta? Please share in the comment section below.

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