New Year’s Resolutions Tips

I’m catching up with a new year euphoria, making new year resolution. I’ve been making new year resolution since 2012. Trust me because I just checked my resolution record on Dropbox.

People say new year’s resolutions last for a few months, then we either give up or forget, until we get excited again next year. I have some tips that I personally do in hope of making resolution come to fruition.

1. Break down new year’s resolution into smaller time window

One of classmates got into the habit of doing last minute homework. I suppose we have the same tendency to varying degrees. We can break our resolutions down to quarterly resolutions, so we won’t wait until December to finish it.

2. Check on them regularly

Writing new year’s resolutions is futile if we forget about them. Make it a habit to check on it regularly. I set monthly reminders to review my resolutions and progress so I can catch up with any resolutions that are lagging behind.

3. Target the things that you can control

Checking out my 2012 resolutions, I just realized that I put down “married by 2016”. And here I am. Marriage is between us and other people, and we definitely can’t control their response. I believe targeting something like “start using dating apps” or “meet X new women” is more manageable.

Do you have any other tips to achieve new year’s resolutions? Please share in the comment section below.

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