Synopsis of Avengers: Endgame

Finally, last week I watched Avengers: Endgame with my girlfriend. I know it was a bit late. As for the bright side, the theater was not packed when we watched the movie.

Avengers: Endgame was the hottest movie during the release. People preorder the ticket like booking ticket for Lebaran holiday. Moviegoers were willing to watch Avengers even at midnight and most theaters opened 24 hours.

Lately I’m learning to memorize the story line of a movie. I’m inspired by my girlfriend. She is able to tell the story line from the movie she watched several years ago. So here is the overall synopsis of Avengers: Endgame. Spoiler alert, stay away if you haven’t watch Avengers (duh!).The story starts with Arrow playing with his family. Suddenly after the snap, his wife and children erased and puffed into a smoke.

Five years later the world is still in shambles. Captain Marvel is coming to earth bring Tony Stark and Nebula.

Avengers is receiving signal about Thanos location. They want to take infinity stones to return erased people. Avengers went to Thanos, but apparently Thanos has retired after completed his mission and destroyed the stones. Thor kills Thanos.

AntMan is returning from a quantum time machine. Avengers has idea to get infinity stones from past time, then return the people using the stones. With Tony’s help, Avengers creates time machine and make separate teams to get stones from different time and place.

Team 1: Hulk, Captain America, IronMan, AntMan.

Team 2: Rocket, Thor

Team 3: Nebula, …

Team 4: Arrow, Black Widow

Black Widow sacrifice herself to get soul stone.

Nebula captured but her partner get the stone. Past Nebula take her place and return to the real time.

All the team arrive at Avengers base with complete infinity stones. Hulk successfully using gauntlet to return erased people.

Past Nebula activate time machine to send Thanos and his army from the past. Then war begin between Thanos and Avengers.

Thanos get infinity gauntlet and want to erase all people. Tony steal the gauntlet and erase Thanos with his army instead. Tony die after activating the gauntlet.

The end!

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