The Fastest Year

Within a few days 2020 will end. It has been one of the fastest years for me and brought about some drastic events partly due to COVID-19.

Let us start with the positive ones. We learned about remote working / WFH, and it worked quite well. While we don’t currently work entirely from home, we do provide more flexibility for employees with certain conditions or preferences to work from home.

This year my co-founder, who is responsible for operation, was asked to help with his family’s business, so he has to spend 2 days a week there for 1 to 2 years. This situation forced us to build a better management system especially for the operation department . We were helped by one of our senior teams with a suitable talent. In retrospect, a better management system had been due but we were complacent. A blessing in disguise indeed.

A more personal dramatic event also happened this year. I broke up with my girlfriend. I learned a lot during our courtship, making me a slightly better person. This was my post-breakup song “can’t go back to the beginning, can’t control what tomorrow will bring”.

I heard this statement in a Christmas service, “we need to grow in spite of”. It strengthens me, we have to understand the changes then adapt and grow.

How is your 2020?

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