Day 2 Weekend Trip to Malang – Rawon Nguling

The second day was also my last day at Malang. My time was short since the return flight was around 1 PM.

I started the day with short run around my hotel, Jacatra Homestay. Usually I bring my running shoes when I travel. Running allows me to experience the places in different ways.

One of the my most memorable running experiences was when I ran at Belitung, which ended with short walk beside the beach. But that’s a story for another time.

After shower, I planned to have breakfast at “Bubur Ayam Garlic”. My friend told me that the restaurant served porridge like no other. After I had searched Google, I found that “Bubur Ayam Garlic” had brown rice porridge.

I took an online taxi to “Bubur Ayam Bawang Putih”, only to be disappointed because the restaurant turned out to be closed on Sundays. I didn’t bother checking their operating hours at Google Map because I assume every restaurant should open on Sundays when most people go out and have holiday.

It was around 9AM, so I decided to have brunch at “Rawon Nguling”, another legendary restaurant in Malang that was recommended by my friend and had stellar ratings on Google. The restaurant was crowded when I arrived. I was surprised because this was an awkward time to eat. After looking at their menu and peering at other tables, I ordered “Rawon Tutup Dengkul”.

The rawon had thick and savory broth. Tt was the most delicious rawon broth I’ve ever eaten. Even though the price was quite expensive, it was enough for two people. I will definitely come to this restaurant again.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to taste other culinary in Malang. I certainly hope to have another visit to Malang one day.

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