Culinary Review: Accha Indian Soul Food Jakarta

I have a new favorite GrabFood restaurant in Jakarta, which is Accha Indian Soul Food.

Most of the time I ordered Vegetable Biryani Bowl. The food is delicious and the serving is huge. I usually split the portion in half, half for lunch and half for dinner. I think we will be stuffed if we eat the biryani bowl in one go.

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Healthy Habit to Reduce Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

I have had allergies since I was in elementary school. The allergies cause nasal congestion because my nasal passages are swollen. A THT doctor in Bandung told me that the congestion could be tolerated therefore I didn’t need surgery. He advised me to develop some habits to maintain my condition such as bathing with cold water and doing exercises. I had not had any allergic treatment since then, until last year when the symptoms got worse.

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Grab and Gojek in Indonesia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Grab and Go-jek as two dominant online transportation applications in Indonesia have been forced to change their operations several times during COVID-19 pandemic. There were times when motorcycle or ‘ojol’ were forbidden and car passengers were limited in cities where PSBB was imposed.

A few days ago I was surprised that Go Ride was shown ‘unavailable’ when I tried to order it from my house. I thought ‘ojol’ was forbidden, until I found out that I could order Grab Bike, even though there was only Grab Bike Protect option available at a slightly higher price. I assume Go Ride was having an error, because Go-jek used to have problems here and there.

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Learning English

I have been trying to improve my English, it is one of my 2020 new year resolutions. I consider my reading and vocabulary adequate, but my grammar and speaking still need to be improved. I have decided to upgrade my grammar first.

I started with Duolingo. Duolingo is fun but doesn’t provide explanation about the grammar. They only gives questions and tells us the right answer. Duolingo was uninstalled a few weeks later. Continue reading “Learning English”

Entrepreneur Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Nowadays, COVID-19 is everyone’s topic. An unprecedented global pandemic that no one is ready for. Some optimists say that we should be proud to be a part of a historical moment in humanity.

Many things changed in an instant and people gradually shift from ignorance toward fear, and – hopefully – toward wisdom. Continue reading “Entrepreneur Response to the COVID-19 Crisis”

Day 2 Weekend Trip to Malang – Rawon Nguling

The second day was also my last day at Malang. My time was short since the return flight was around 1 PM.

I started the day with short run around my hotel, Jacatra Homestay. Usually I bring my running shoes when I travel. Running allows me to experience the places in different ways. Continue reading “Day 2 Weekend Trip to Malang – Rawon Nguling”

Weekend Trip to Malang Part 1

Several weeks ago I went to Malang for an unplanned weekend trip. I contacted several friends from Malang for culinary recommendation. Most of them recommended bakso / meatball. Seems like there are a lot of “Bakso Malang” restaurants across Indonesia for a reason.

I was torn between Bakso President and Bakso Kota Cak Man. Finally I decided to try Bakso Kota Cak Man. They serve various kinds of bakso and other toppings like siomay, tahu, and so on. The food is delicious and the price is quite affordable. Continue reading “Weekend Trip to Malang Part 1”

Kecewa dengan Layanan Indosat Ooredoo IM3

Saya mengalami pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan menggunakan Indosat Ooredoo IM3.

Saya pengguna prabayar dan berlangganan paket obrol yang otomatis diperpanjang. Saya heran karena mendapat notifikasi biaya ketika selesai telepon. Awalnya saya kira kesalahan sistem, tapi ternyata pulsa saya dipotong. Padahal saya cek paket obrol masih aktif. Continue reading “Kecewa dengan Layanan Indosat Ooredoo IM3”

Panduan Pertama Kali ke Singapura untuk Orang Indonesia

Berikut panduan untuk orang-orang Indonesia yang pertama kali ke Singapura. Berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi.

Barang yang wajib dibawa: adaptor charger.

Colokan listrik di Singapura berbeda dengan Indonesia. Awalnya saya pikir colokan listrik nya akan sama karena sama-sama negara Asia Tenggara. I have never been this wrong. Continue reading “Panduan Pertama Kali ke Singapura untuk Orang Indonesia”

Synopsis of Avengers: Endgame

Finally, last week I watched Avengers: Endgame with my girlfriend. I know it was a bit late. As for the bright side, the theater was not packed when we watched the movie.

Avengers: Endgame was the hottest movie during the release. People preorder the ticket like booking ticket for Lebaran holiday. Moviegoers were willing to watch Avengers even at midnight and most theaters opened 24 hours.

Lately I’m learning to memorize the story line of a movie. I’m inspired by my girlfriend. She is able to tell the story line from the movie she watched several years ago. So here is the overall synopsis of Avengers: Endgame. Spoiler alert, stay away if you haven’t watch Avengers (duh!). Continue reading “Synopsis of Avengers: Endgame”