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Recently I tried using Ankh SVN as SVN client for one Silverlight project in our company. My fellow programmer told me to use TortoiseSVN, general SVN client, since TortoiseSVN commonly used in our previous PHP projects. I don’t think so, since .NET has many auto generated files that should not be committed to SVN repository.

Our Silverlight project consists of 3 programmers and me as project leader. We use Visual Studio 2012 as IDE, and additional Telerik library to code some visual elements. I committed initial source code that already working perfectly in my computer, with grids, charts, and so on.

Problem arose when one programmer did checkout and tried to run the solution. Visual Studio come up with errors, one example that RadChart is not identified in the following line of code

internal RadChart RadChart1; (obj/Debug/xxxxx.g.i.cs)

I compared xxxxx.g.i.cs with the same file in my local computer, I found it written

internal Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadChart RadChart1;

I conclude that Visual Studio automatically removed ‘Telerik.Windows.Controls.’ so RadChart was not identified. After some long tiring hours, I came accross a very simple solution for the problem:

1. clear solution (in the problematic computer)

2. build solution (in the problematic computer)

And it works. It does not really make sense, but it really works in my case.

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