WordPress Theme Titan Using WordPress Menu Editor

Are you using WordPress theme Titan? Yes, the same theme that I use for this blog. Bad news, custom WordPress menu is not working with this theme. To fix that, simply open file header.php in titan folder.

Delete these lines of code

<div id="navigation">
 <ul id="nav">
 <li class="page_item <?php if (is_front_page()) echo( 'current_page_item');?>"><a href="<?php bloginfo( 'url'); ?>"><?php _e( 'Home', 'titan' ); ?></a></li>
 <?php if ($titan->hidePages() !== 'true' ): ?>
 <?php wp_list_pages( 'title_li=' ); ?>
 <?php endif; ?>
 <?php if ($titan->hideCategories() != 'true' ): ?>
 <?php wp_list_categories( 'title_li=' ); ?>
 <?php endif; ?>
 </div><!--end navigation-->

Then, add this line of code right before <!–end wrapper–>

<?php wp_nav_menu(array('container_id'=>'navigation', 'menu_id'=>'nav')); ?>

Congratulation, now your blog is compatible with WordPress custom menu.

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