GnuCash Free Accounting Software Review

GnuCash is a free financial-accounting software. Our company has been using the software in the last 5 years. We found the software somewhere on Google when we were looking for free accounting software at the time. GnuCash is easy to use and suitable for small businesses.

Currently we use GnuCash mostly for book keeping. We enter transaction data every month from bank statements and excel for petty cash.

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Chinese New Year In Pandemic Season

Chinese New Year, alias Imlek, is the moment when our families gather, even those who live in other cities or countries. We salute “Gong Xi, Gong Xi”, then the married ones give hong bao to the singles, regardless of age. My late grandmother usually cooked her signature Imlek cuisine, tito alias pork intestine soup.

This year celebration is different though. Due to the pandemic, our families held no gathering. Therefore our family decided to just have a small Imlek dinner: my mother, me, my sister and her boyfriend.

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Almost Got Grabjacked

I usually take a morning run on weekend. Today Jakarta was raining hard at dawn, but fortunately the rain had stopped by 5 am. I was confident the weather would be nice, so I started running at 5.30 am from Gambir Station. I took my usual weekend running route: Gambir – Thamrin – Menteng – Cikini – Gambir. The sidewalks are mostly wide and comfortable for running, and are usually less crowded from Menteng onwards.

Along the way, I occasionally accompanied by light rain. After I passed Taman Suropati, the rain got so heavy that it was not feasible to run anymore. Fortunately, I found a security post for shelter which was occupied two friendly elderly officers.

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New Year’s Resolutions Tips

I’m catching up with a new year euphoria, making new year resolution. I’ve been making new year resolution since 2012. Trust me because I just checked my resolution record on Dropbox.

People say new year’s resolutions last for a few months, then we either give up or forget, until we get excited again next year. I have some tips that I personally do in hope of making resolution come to fruition.

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The Fastest Year

Within a few days 2020 will end. It has been one of the fastest years for me and brought about some drastic events partly due to COVID-19.

Let us start with the positive ones. We learned about remote working / WFH, and it worked quite well. While we don’t currently work entirely from home, we do provide more flexibility for employees with certain conditions or preferences to work from home.

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Virtual ITB Ultra Marathon 2020

Yesterday I participated in virtual ITB Ultra Marathon. This was their first virtual run happened due to COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The event announcement was abrupt, but our team managed to register 7 groups. Our team, CodeRunner, consists of Informatics Engineering alumni from ITB. I have joined this team since about 2 years ago. If you are a programmer, you should understand the pun on “CodeRunner”.

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Online Transportation Hooks

I suppose Go-jek and Grab has succeeded in changing the way we move in a city. At first they gave customers massive discounts and freebies, then gradually impose normal prices. Some people were skeptical that customers would stay if given normal prices. They were wrong. This strategy proves that money in one of the most powerful tools for changing human behavior.

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My Longest Busway Trip in Jakarta

Some people said that we should regularly to keep our writing intuition sharp. I will write a not-so-important post about my trip using the TransJakarta busway yesterday. By the way, I really like using public transportation.

Despite all its limitation, I consider Jakarta as the city with the best public transportation in Indonesia. It’s still not fully integrated, sometimes it’s unpredictable, yet it’s still way better than other cities I’ve been to.

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My First Ever Virtual Run

I’ve heard about virtual run since about 5 years ago. One of my client is an avid participant, collecting medals from all over the world. I wasn’t interested back then, because I thought I would lose the euphoria of running together at a regular running event.

Since COVID-19 pandemic, all regular running events have become virtual. Today I gave virtual run a shot as I participated in Pertamina Rosneft Virtual Run 10k category.

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Watch Out for “Jambret” Around Monas Thamrin

Two weeks ago I lost my cellphone while I was running near Monas. A motorcycle riding “jambret” – a.k.a thief – snatched my phone when I was crossing from Monas to Thamrin. I was being careless, holding my phone in my hand and not cautious when the thief drove so close to me that I could clearly see the thief’s face. The man in the back was only a teenager, wearing an orange hoodie.

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